Services & Fees


Dr. Kinga Porter brings passion and experience to her practice by going above and beyond when it comes to the individual care of each patient. After years at a traditional primary care practice she found that she spent less time with her patients, and more time filling out paperwork and making sure insurance companies were satisfied. She felt that patient care should be the first priority of a primary care physician, so she opened Whole Health.

Whole Health isn’t just a medical practice, it’s the culmination of a dream Dr. Porter had when she decided to pursue a career as a physician. There isn’t a “one size fits all” approach to medicine. Each patient has unique medical needs that require any number of treatment options. That’s why Dr. Porter offers a diverse array of treatments and methods.

General Primary Care

Specialty GI Testing

Weight Loss & Lifestyle Medicine

Holistic and Alternative Treatment

Integrative and Functional Medicine

Specialized Lipid Testing

Genetic and Inflammatory Cardiovascular Disease Testing

Genetic Cancer testing

Female/Male Hormone Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Micronutrient and Amino Acid Analysis

In depth Thyroid Analysis

Weight Loss Genetics

IV infusions and B-12 injections

Appointment Rates & Fees

New Patient (30 minute) Appointment: Call for pricing
New Patient (60 minute) Appointment: Call for pricing

Established Patient Follow Up (15 minute): Call for pricing
Established Patient Follow Up (30 minute): Call for pricing

Additional 15 minutes: Call for pricing
Saturday Appointment Fee: Call for pricing
Onsite Blood Draw Fee: Call for pricing

Patient Membership Plan

Whole Health offers a membership program designed to help our patients save money and maximize their health. UNLIMITED office visits, UNLIMITED phone consults, FREE lab draws, FREE urinalysis/flu/strep testing, DISCOUNTED B-12 injections – all for a monthly flat fee. You may also CANCEL AT ANY TIME if you wish. Please call our office at (941) 666-8757 for more details.

Lab Services & Fees

Dr. Porter utilizes a number of unique labs to get down to the root cause of a patient’s health issues. Although we don’t process insurance in our office, we will provide your insurance information on any laboratory paperwork we submit so that your insurer will be billed appropriately. In the course of an appointment, if labs are drawn, a blood draw fee may be incurred by the patient to cover the cost of materials and shipping. If the patient’s insurance provider only covers labs performed at places such as Quest or LabCorp., please let us know ahead of time so Dr. Porter can provide the patient with the appropriate lab order.

In some instances, an insurer may not cover the total cost of the labs based on the patient’s policy. It is the patient’s responsibility to know the information of their insurance policy and make an informed decision on whether to proceed with certain labs. Whole Health cannot guarantee insurance coverage of any lab test and is not responsible for any balance owed to the lab by the patient unless a special arrangement has been made between the patient and Whole Health.

Whole Health may have a pre-negotiated cash rate for certain tests. This may make it cheaper for the patient to pay cash for the test. Please make sure to have your insurance information present with you on the day the labs are drawn.