Whole Health does not accept insurance and is not contracted with any insurance providers, therefore we cannot guarantee reimbursement for provided services. It is the patient’s responsibility to ask their insurance provider which services are eligible for reimbursement. At checkout, Whole Health will provide the patient with an insurance invoice, often referred to as a “superbill,” and a HCFA 1500 form, which is a industry standard claim form for insurance companies. These forms will also be available to the patient on their portal. The patient has the option to send these documents to their insurance for reimbursement. Please note that different insurance providers may have different procedures when it comes to patient-submitted claims.

If you are covered by Medicare, please note that Dr. Porter is non-participating for services she renders at her practice, Whole Health. Please be familiar with your medicare coverage. We cannot guarantee reimbursement, as many integrative or holistic treatments and procedures are deemed “experimental or exploratory in nature” by medicare and therefore not covered. If Dr. Porter provides a service that the patient thinks may be covered under medicare, we will work with the patient to make sure they have all information available to them for claim submission.

If alternate or additional documentation is needed, please call our office to let us know what is specifically needed, and either a fax number, email or physical address to send it to. Whole Health has a very small staff so the more specific the patient is with their request, the quicker our staff can complete the task.  Patients should be aware that most insurance companies and Medicare do not cover medical treatment that is deemed holistic, alternative, or natural. Whole Health encourages each patient to be familiar with what is covered under their medical insurance policy before being seen by Dr. Porter. Whole Health is not liable for any costs not covered by the patient’s insurance.

Lab Testing

Dr. Porter has a variety of labs at her disposal to help her accurately assess the current state of a patient’s health. Our office will provide the laboratories with the patient’s insurance information on the lab orders. However, we cannot guarantee that the labs will be covered by the patient’s insurance. Whole Health is not responsible for any remaining balances owed to the laboratory. Please note that some labs we use have an “easy pay,” or “quick pay” option, which is an reduced out-of-pocket price for certain labs. From time to time, Dr. Porter may recommend using this method of payment as it will likely be cheaper than having it billed to the patient’s insurance. If an “easy pay” option is selected, then the patient is liable for any balance owed.

Dr. Porter prefers to discuss all test results in person. This assures the privacy of your health information and allows true face-to-face time with Dr. Porter to make sure all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction.

General Office Policies

Payments & Billing

All payments are due on the date the services were rendered unless another agreement exists between the patient and Whole Health. We accept payments of cash, check and most commercially available credit cards. Please notify Whole Health if you feel you were charged an incorrect amount. We ARE able to refund your transactions either partially or fully, but it may take up to 30 days for the credit to appear on your bank or credit statements.

Please fill out the Credit Card Authorization form on the patient portal at least 24 hours before seeing Dr. Porter. This information is securely stored in our cloud-based EMR which is fully compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). A patient’s credit card information is never physically stored on any device or machine in our office and can only be accessed through Whole Health’s EMR. Whole Health’s office is equipped with an additional security firewall for all wireless networks. This credit card information is collected for the establishment of reoccurring billing or over-the-phone transactions. Whole Health will never charge a credit card without the cardholder’s approval. If a credit card on file is expired or inactive for any reason, Whole Health will contact the patient and they will have the option to go online and enter a new credit card or edit the previous card.

If an overdue balance exists on a patient account, we will attempt to reach out to the patient by phone. We will mail a written invoice every 30, 60, 90 and 120 days past due. Balances not paid after 120 days may be sent to a third party for collections.

Whole Health also offer’s applications and online enrollment for CareCredit. CareCredit is a healthcare expense credit card that offers low-interest rate credit to patients strictly for medical related expenses. Please ask our staff about Care Credit or email for more information. You can also visit CareCredit’s website here.

Telephone Calls

Please allow Whole Health 24-48 hours to reply to any voicemails. Our staff checks frequently throughout the day but sometimes they are caught between patient appointments. Please leave a brief, clear message with a return phone number and our staff will return your call as quickly as they can. If all you need is a prescription refill or have a quick question, please leave a detailed voicemail.


To help accommodate everyone’s busy schedule, we use a secure texting system called Klara. Klara allows us to receive recorded and transcribed voicemails directly to our private phones so that we are able to better communicate with our patients. We also have the ability to text reply to a patient’s voicemail if it’s a simple, quick question. Once you leave a voicemail, you will receive a text from Whole Health informing you that we received your message. If you wish to use Klara and text with Dr. Porter and her staff, please go to here and register as a patient, or download the Klara app to your smartphone or tablet. Once registered, you will be able to text questions to Whole Health’s staff. Klara is a free service for patients, but message and data rates may apply with your cellular carrier.

This is a great tool for Whole Health to increase it’s patient responsiveness and operational efficiency in the office. Please be aware that you may not receive a prompt reply after business hours, days our office is closed, or over holidays. Klara is NOT an emergency line. If you are having a medical emergency, please dial 9-1-1 or proceed to the nearest emergency room.

Prescription Refills

Please allow 3 business days for all prescription refills to be approved and filled by the pharmacy. Please note when you are running low on a medication and promptly inform Whole Health by phone (941-666-8757) or via the patient portal that a refill is needed. If a member of our staff is unable to speak with you, please leave a detailed voice message and we will fax the prescription refill as soon as we are able to.

Patients requesting refills for controlled substances must be seen by Dr. Porter for an in-office evaluation every three (3) months to continue receiving refills.

If your pharmacy has not informed you that your prescription is ready to be picked up, please contact them directly before calling Whole Health. A prior authorization may be required by your insurance for prescription medication. These authorizations are usually initiated by your pharmacy, not your provider, and can delay a prescription refill. If you use a mail order pharmacy, please contact Whole Health fourteen (14) days before your medication is due to run out.


Making an Appointment Via the Patient Portal

If you wish to make an appointment via the patient portal, please go to the new patient registration page and follow the prompts to register as a patient. Once registered, you will be able to request appointment times. If you have trouble using this system, feel free to call our office to schedule an appointment anytime during business hours.

Cancellation Policy 

Whole Health requires 24 hour notice prior to cancelling an appointment. The fee for a “no show” is $75 and will be applied to your account. Please respect the time of Dr. Porter, her staff and other patients.

Sick Visits/New Symptoms

New symptoms or events require a clinic appointment. Dr. Porter will not diagnose over the phone. We leave several appointment spots open for sick visits per week, but we are often limited in how flexible our day to day schedule is due to other patient appointments.


Dr. Porter will not authorize a new referral without an in-office examination. Please schedule an appointment if you need a referral to a specialist. Please allow one (1) week for non-urgent referrals to be completed.

Patient Portal

Our patient portal is a secure, HIPAA compliant way to communicate with our staff from your computer or smart device. Patients will have access to invoices and insurance information, appointment scheduling, lab results, imaging reports, old medical records and more. A patient will be able to upload any important medical information that they want Dr. Porter to review.  If a patient has a non-emergency question or concern, they are able to safely and securely communicate that to Dr. Porter and her staff via the patient portal’s messaging system. Please note that the patient portal is not a substitute for an appointment. Dr. Porter cannot and will not diagnose over the portal. Please keep questions or concerns brief so that they can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

If you have any issues using the patient portal, feel free to call our office so that we can work to resolve the issue. From time to time, our EMR (electronic medical record) system will undergo upgrades or changes that may affect our patient portal. Our EMR administrators will inform Whole Health when any important updates or changes take place so that we can pass the information on to our patients.

If you have called our office and our staff manually entered your information into our system, you will be emailed an invite to our patient portal. Additionally, you will receive an email notification if you are sent a message on the patient portal. Please use an email that you check frequently.

Whole Health encourages all new patients to fill out any important information on their portal prior to their first appointment. Please fill out and sign the Records Release Form, HIPAA Privacy Authorization Form,  and Credit Card Authorization form at least 24 hours before being seen by Dr. Porter. These forms can be found under the “New Patient Forms” tab on the right side of  the patient portal home screen.

Medical Records

A signed release form is required for any release of your medical records. Our main priority is the security of your private health information. Not only is a signed records release a great way to keep your records safe, it’s also required by law. Please review our HIPAA policy here, and please fill out and sign the records release form on the portal  prior to your appointment.

Monthly Membership Program

The monthly membership gives the patient unlimited appointments, unlimited phone consults, patient portal access, free lab draws, free strep/flu testing, free urinalysis, and discounts on B-12 bottles and injections. There is a one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $250 for new patients, and a reoccurring monthly fee of $169. The enrollment fee is waived for existing patients who have seen Dr. Porter for at least 2 previous appointments.

As this is a reoccurring payment, the credit card authorization form will need to be filled out as well as a Practice Policy Acknowledgement form. Both of those forms are available to fill out and sign on the patient portal, or they can be filled out and scanned into your portal in the office. The membership can be cancelled at any time, but if your card has already been charged for the month in which you cancel, the automatic payments will stop the following month. If you cancelled a membership but wish to re-enroll, the enrollment fee will NOT be waived for the re-enrollment.

Membership is based on space, so re-enrollment is NOT guaranteed. The membership does not apply to supplements or IVs. Those charges will be billed separately.